We really love to feel confident and happy with ourselves. That is why we wanted to share with you some tips and reminders on how to boost your confidence and self esteem to be the best version of yourself. We often forget that we have the ability to unlearn negative things that have been taught to us, and instead fix it and learn new positive things. 

A little disclaimer, remember that confidence is different for everyone, try different things out and find what works for you. Also, confidence is not linear, you will have good and bad days, and that is normal and healthy.

 Don’t put your worth in the hands of other people. Place your value and worth in things that matter. Putting your worth in tangible things like hair, make up, clothing, looks will not be good in the long run. Rather, put it in things like who you are inside, in your values. 

Don’t compare yourself to others. Comparison is the biggest thief of joy. Be the best version of yourself and watch yourself flourish. If you feel the feeling of comparison kicking in, say to yourself "why am I trying to be someone that I’m not?" 

Positive affirmations. Say positive things about yourself. Every time you catch yourself thinking about something negative, erase it, say sorry and say something positive about yourself.

List the things you like and don’t like about yourself. This might sound a bit strange, but when you list the things you don’t like about yourself, you can see clearly what they are and will be able to take action, and to think about ways of fixing them or accepting them. Everything will work out, some things may take more time than others. 

Set time aside to be with yourself and work on you. Do things that you love and make you feel good about who you are. This way you will be more effective whether that is at work, school, with your partner or friends. 

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Do your best and don’t think too much what others expect from you. 

Learn to say no. Set boundaries. Be there for the people that matter and that you love, but remember that you and your wellbeing always come first.


You are worthy. You are enough.


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