CERES TRUNKS – Confidence for everyone

CERES TRUNKS – Confidence for everyone

Launching a new line of products designed with intention and purpose. Our mission continues to design timeless and focused essentials, now for everyone.

We want to enhance confidence in people by providing them with swimwear that empowers them to feel comfortable expressing who they are to the outside world regardless of gender or size.

We started with women’s swimwear, now we’re expanding and bringing our first gender-free collection. Made with everyone in mind. Hearing your feedback, we have reacted and noticed there is a big necessity for high-quality, eco-friendly and durable swim trunks.

The Ceres trunks are designed with major attention to detail. After many attempts, we have designed the most versatile swim trunks. Our multi-wear swim trunks can be used anywhere from tanning to water activities, exercising, or logging around in your favorite summer restaurant. Its major elasticity will let you move around in confidence. The Ceres swim trunks bring inclusivity and acceptance. Designed to be gender-free, multi-wear, and bring you that confidence boost you need. It’s made out of the most luxurious elastic recycled material. Fully lined with water-resistant mesh lining and finished with an elastic waistband and drawstring for comfortability.

NUARSWIM wants to encourage everyone to find a version of themselves where they feel their best. A healthy attitude towards yourself creates healthy self-confidence. The pressures in society of looking a certain way, acting a certain way, and being a certain way are growing and more and more people have a negative way of looking and talking to themselves. As a brand, we want to contribute and create a safe environment in which everyone is welcomed just as they are – and highlight that everybody is a swimwear body. Body image issues are in many people’s minds and it’s a subject that is not spoken about enough. Through our platform, we want to promote realistic body ideals and celebrate that everyone is beautiful just as they are.


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